Your website stinks without website support. Here’s Why…

As a brand and web design studio a part of our job is to create a brand and then transpose that brand into an online platform with a website that impacts and inspires.

After that, many may think that our job is done, but we don’t!

We continue to help clients with ongoing creative support and technical website support.

However, whilst most businesses know they need a website and may even be willing to pay for it, they don’t go the whole hog and get follow on support.

And the decision not to have website support is down to one of four reasons:

  • I don’t want to pay for it
  • I’ll do it myself
  • I have someone who will do it for free
  • I don’t need support

If you’re having a website designed and are using one of the above reasons not to get support then heres three reasons why you really should get website support.

1. Managing a website is a multiskilled task.

The online world moves at an incredible pace with changes occurring yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily, and that is the nature of a digital landscape.

To keep your website up and active it needs to evolve with the changes in order to stay current, functional and up to date.

To manage your website, you’ll need to consider:

  • Web Design and Creative updates
    Changing the visual design, creating new promotional graphics, creating new pages.
  • Marketing
    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), creative marketing, digital design and driving traffic to the site.
  • Website Maintenance
    Upgrading website systems, plugins, code and any performance issues
  • Webmaster support
    Dealing with any ad-hoc website problems
  • Web Development
    Adding new functionality to the site
  • Website security
    Keeping the site safe and secure or dealing with hacks.
  • Hosting & I.T.
    Managing more technical issues such as hosting and I.T., server side.

These areas of web site support cover a magnificent array of technical information combined with practical skills and creative thinking to implement.

You need to know at least a little bit about each area to begin managing a website but if you don’t, then it’s best if you get some website support.

You may think that you have a small website and you don’t need all of the above but you’ll change your mind as soon as:

  • You decide to update your products and services
  • Start to think about promoting your site online
  • Your website gets hacked.

Without website support, you’ll end up paying more to solve problems or you just won’t ever get around to solving them.

Get insured, get website support.

2. You need to pay someone to manage your website

Once you’ve realised that you do need website support, you’ll look at your cost options.

The best choice is to pay someone to manage your website, ideally someone who already builds or manages websites and/or hosting.

This way there is a contract of terms, an agreement, as well as an expected service and deliverables.

In short, responsibilty and accountability is set.

Many however look for free or low-cost options in the form of a young family member who’s handy with computers, a friend who works with computers in one way or another, or an assistant of sorts.

This might seem like a good option in terms of cost but it’s actually impeding to your website, business and sales.

Expertise, experience and creativity counts for a lot when managing websites and unfortunately your free or cheap solution will warrant none of those.

You’ll find that your young family member, friend or assistant don’t really know what they’re doing and they need support themselves.

By the time it’s all said and done, you’ll have a website that doesn’t work, a business that isn’t running and you’ll be looking for professional website support again, having wasted time and money on a low cost or free solution.

Don’t waste time or money, get proper website support to begin with.

Website support is a peace of mind

Website support is something you may not realise you need until you need it.

And when you do need it, it means that’s something has gone wrong with your website or business and you need to fix it asap.

It could be that your site is not generating leads or your site has been hacked.

It could mean that you need to update the site or your website has gone down and you don’t know how or why?

In any case, website support provides peace of mind, someone who’s there and dedicated to solve those problems for you whilst you continue to do business.

Don’t suffer, get the website support that you need.

Our website support services

We provide website support for business in the loca Romford and Hornchurch area as well as an array of small businesses nationwide.

We’ve been serving clients for over 10 years and we offer all of our client’s creative support and technical website support.

In most cases we insist on it.

Because we know that your business will only go so far and your website will only last so long without it.

We provide:

  • Website technical maintenance
  • Website hosting
  • Website webmaster support
  • Creative updates on and offline
  • Marketing strategies & Branding
  • UX development
  • Ongoing support

All of our support services are quoted for individually and paid for on a monthly basis.

We implemented a pay mnthly model did this because we believe that everyone should be able to afford website support.

Many of our newer clients came to us because they had a lack of creative and website support from their last suppliers.

They found themselves left in the lurch with a website that didn’t work and they didn’t know how they could recover it.

We stepped in and helped.

They’re now 100% happy ongoing clients with productive businesses.

Get the website support you need by contacting us today.

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