Beautiful Web Site Hero Headers | RANDi #7

We’ve been redesigning our website so it was only natural to start looking around for a bit of inspiration.

We’ve found a ton of website graphics and layouts that kind of conform to the norm.

You know what I mean.

The big background image with giant hero header text.

In other instances, we’ve found the usual blurb put out by design studios, claiming “We area a….” or “We build…”.

All of it is very trendy but it can also be a little monotonous.

And that made it a little difficult to move forward.

As a designer I can design client websites at a drop of a hat.

But designing our own website can be tricky.

We have an open palette of layouts are possible artwork solutions.

And we can decide to follow trends or rebel against them.

Well, we like to do things just a little bit different so my web design research was not based on looking at typical hero headers and layouts but something a little more intriguing.

Check out these great pieces of web design layouts, in particular, web design artwork used for hero headers.

This great showcase and inspiration of work may make you rethink how you can design hero sections on websites.

Some are original whilst some are just extremely well designed.

Click on images for author sites or links to the full projects.

Colourful Web design artwork
Creative web design hero header artwork for kids
Construction hero header for webdesign
Creative artwork for games website
Creative hero header, artwork & tyography for web graphics
Contemporary hero header for website
Illustrated hero header for website
Clean & Contemporary artwork for website
Original artwork for website
Unqiue artwork for web design
Unorthadox web site hero header
clever and unique hero header
Minimalistic hearo header
Creative hero header
Unique Hero Header
Animated hero header
Beautiful hero Header
Artistic Hearo header
Classy hero Header
Animated hero header
Psychedelic hero header
A mockup design by
A mockup design by
hero headers
Our very own hero header

Designwise, I’d like to go out on a limb and design something different when I create website but more often than not, functionality and maintenance issues pull me back in to create something more mainstream.

What do you think?

Is it possible to create afabulous hero header without the headache of incompatibilty?


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