Build your own personal brand for business purposes

Capitalise on your experience and skills by branding yourself.

Make a change in your life by creating a powerful personal brand for business
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Branding yourself.

Become an influential freelancer and gain contracted work as an independent personal brand.

Self brand should be easy – shouldn’t it? After all, it is all about yourself isn’t it? And who knows you better than yourself? Well, that assumption is where most people go wrong when creating a personal brand. We know this because our services have helped over 20 individuals to create a personal brand for business and we can provide personal branding help for you too. When you create a personal brand for yourself consider this:

1. There are many different versions of you

Theres the work version of you, the friendly version, the family version, the serious version and the funny version to name a few.

Different people gravitate to different personalities for different reasons. The question is, what reason are you giving people to gravitate to your brand?

2. A personal brand is not all about you

It’s about what you can offer other people – “other people” being the operative word. Do you know what you’re offering, to who and why? Do you know if other people actually want someone like you in their life? Is there a need for your personal brand at all?

3. You’re not someone else

Your personal brand is a reflection of you, not someone else or your old employer. Your new personal brand is a brand-new version of you.

4. You’re biased

Let’s be honest. When it comes to branding yourself, you’re going to be the most extremely biased person involved, and it’s likely that you’ll make assumptions and decisions about your personal brand based on those biases rather than research or the truth. Because of all of the above, you shouldn’t brand yourself on your own. You should do it with our help of our services.

Create your personal brand for business

Our goal is to create you a personal brand that connects you to the right customers and positions you in the marketplace as a unique offering.

1-2-1 Personal Branding Workshop & Consultation

Get a full, 1-2-1, one-day consultation to start moulding your brand. During the session, we’ll redefine your values, services, business model, target audience, and competitive advantage – helping you to differentiate, focus your offerings, and take your brand straight to market with a strong delivery. Find out more about our Brand Strategy & Discovery Service >>

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Brand identity design

To promote yourself successfully online and off you need more than just a logo design – you need a full brand identity system. It’s your very own visual language to help customers identify your brand as well as identify with your brand, making the sales process much more potent. More about Brand Identity Design >>

Website Design & Development

What do you want your website to be? A brochure site? A PR Hub? A directory? A lead generator? Or maybe all of them altogether? Whatever you want, we can advise on it, plan it, design it and develop it to become a specific sales tool for your personal brand. Backed by professional design and the latest technology, we’ll deliver a tool that evolves with your ideas. More about Web Design & Development >>

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personal branding marketing support

Creative & Marketing Support

Now that you have a brand in place, it’s time to start promoting it. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry because we’ll still be here to help. We deliver a strong support service like no other so you can focus on delivering products and services whilst we promote your ideas for you. More about Marketing Support >>

Why create a personal brand?

A personal brand is just as powerful as a company brand in a time when audiences are turning to individual experts for help and advice as opposed to faceless organisations.

Small businesses and individuals will find you much more approachable as a personal brand but you can still target medium to large enterprises as an independent consultancy under your own name allowing your business to grow at a pace that suits you.

Create your own personal brand for business and gain independence, freedom in your career and personal success to make a change in your life and overcome boredom with a new challenge.

Start developing your personal brand with our help.

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