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The problem

It doesn’t matter whether a customer is a rational buyer or impulsive one – they won’t buy from you unless they trust you.

So, how can you make the customer identify with your brand? How can you build that trust without meeting them and talking to them in person?

The solution

You need a sales tool to communicate for you when you can’t. This tool needs to identify you as an option for the buyer, instil trust, credibility and show a sign of expected quality to the customer. This tool needs to able to impact and influence the client 24/7 without saying a word.

The answer

Some create a logo to do this job but we know that’s its not enough. To really stay memorable, you need to create a whole design language that’ll resonate with customers visually, emotionally and consistently with the same core message. The best way to do that is to create a brand identity system.

Don’t create a logo - create a design language

Using line, shape, colour, type and form to create a unique identity for your brand

We encourage any size business to get a brand identity system instead of just a logo design so you can build credibility as a brand and have the promotional tools you need to market your business effectively.

1. Design brief

If you don’t carry out a brand strategy with us then we’ll send you a copy of our brand design brief to fill out. Our brief is an exceptional tool, refined over several years, helping clients to rethink their business ideas and refocus their communication goals.

Once filled out and returned, we’ll get an overview of your brand, what you want to achieve and any design requirements you may have.

Then we’ll get to work on concept designs.

brand identity brief
logo design
2. Creating a brand identity system

Our brand identity service will deliver several concepts based on your brief but more specifically:

  • Logo Design, orientations and set marks
  • Colour Theme and Harmonies
  • Typography & Typesetting
  • Brand Patterns, Textures & Brand Imagery
  • Mock-up applications so you can see how the system works in reality
3. The Result

Once finished you’ll have a beautiful logo coupled with a system of design that symbolises your brand, attracts the right audience and communicates clearly to form a visual relationship with your potential customers.

It’s not just a logo but a complete marketing tool to help you send the right message to the right people, increasing the chance of success for all of your marketing material.

Each piece of communication will connect to the next, delivering a brand experience that’ll impact and inspire your customers to engage with your brand.

brand identity system

The outcome...

1 .
A beautiful logo for your business
A harmonising colour palette for your brand
A brand identity to market with
4 .
A content hierarchy to make all text clear
A design system that works on any platform
Graphics that resonate with customers

A few of our clients

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