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Do you need Branding?
Do you want to create a Brand Strategy?
A brand strategy is one to one workshop that results in a document detailing your brands values, route to market, market position and communication goals. It's essential to differentiating you from the competition, giving you an edge with marketing.
Do you want to create a Brand Identity?
A brand identity is a visual system of design that represents your brand and includes logo design, colourways, typography and brand imagery. It's essential in communicating effectively and being memorable to your target audience.


Web Design & Development

Do you need a new wesbite?
Do you want an Information Architecture Document?
An Information Architecture document is a blueprint and plan for the creation of your new website detailing what menu systems, pages and sections it should contain - what type of users will be on the site along with details on their journeys and flow through the website. It's essential to create a fantastic user focused website with your input and ideas.
What type of website do you need?
A regular site would be one containing normal static pages, reminiscent of a brochure site. A website with special functionality is anything other than a regular brochure site and can include an e-commerce site, directory, social platform or anything else.


A regular page is a generic static page eg. For brochure sites. And does not include blog posts.
If you'd like to add blog posts yourself from the start then please feel free to select zero.


Support Services

Would you like Website Support, Creative Support and/or Marketing Support?
Do you want website support?
Can include basic maintenance and hosting to full website administrative management.
What type of website support would you like?
Basic (Ideal for brochures sites that won't be actively marketed)
Website hosting, email, and tech support plus technical updates, daily backups and a recovery protocol to get you back online in an event you're site is compromised by hackers.

Web Management (Ideal for any website that is looking to be actively marketed)
All of basic plus 1-2hrs support per month dealing with website dev, admin, design and end-user support

Creative Management (Ideal for specialised sites that will have active users)
All of Web Management plus unlimited design for web, print & offsite marketing.

Do you want creative support?
Includes the design of almost anything that you can display your logo on from websites and social media to business card and signage
What type of creative support would you like?
When you only need 1-2hrs of support per month or 1-2 two documents designed per month or minor edits to your website

When you want tons of documents designed or lots of website changes made each month with no limitations or compromises on your budget

Unlimited brands
When you need website changes and documents designed for multiple brands.

Do you want marketing support?
Includes marketing your business online and off to drive traffic to your site and increase sales.
What monthly budget do you have for marketing?
Includes marketing your business online and off to drive traffic to your site and increase sales.


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