Pay Monthly Web Design & Branding in Essex

We’re a professional web design company in Essex and we sell our branding and web design services using a pay monthly SAAS (Sold as a service) model. We do this because:

1. It’s a more affordable option for the client
2. Its allows us to provide more value to the client
3. It’s a reflection on the times

Once upon a time you would go out and spend money on a physical object like a music CD or a car in return for ownership of that item but today, ownership has become irrelevant for purchases which lose value or become outdated over time.

In this case, the lifespan of a product and the value it provides goes hand in hand. As the product gets older, it becomes outdated in one way or another and loses value. That lifespan could be days, months or years but in any case, we can ask, what is the point of buying something outright if it’s just going to lose value?

The exact same logic applies to web design, development and branding.

A new website is actually a worthless piece of technology with a really short lifespan unless you promote it, update it and make changes to it constantly. In doing so your adding value to the website and expanding its lifespan.

Most small businesses pay upfront to build a website and own it but have no plans of updating it. Essentially it means that you made a bulk investment to build and own a website which you thought would add value to your business automatically, but it’ll actually become outdated and lose value everyday unless you update it. It doesn’t matter what size business or website you have. Any good website needs maintenance, updating and changing on a constant basis to make it a valued tool. It’s the way that business and the online landscape works. Online, the technology and customer habits change constantly, meaning that you as a business and website also have to change, to accommodate, stay relevant and keep providing value.

To do this you’re going to need some help. You’ll need technical help to make website updates and creative help to produce new content for marketing materials on and offline. In addition, your branding will need updating so it can lead the way for your web design, marketing collateral and design changes to create a coherent experience for your online business.

As you may well know, all of this needs a cash investment and you’re probably sceptical about how much this is all going to cost and whether it’s even affordable, but the real questions are:

  • Why pay fully, upfront to own a website and a brand design that’s going to need to be changed within a year?
  • Why pay for a website and brand and let it sit idle doing nothing?
  • Why not get the help you need to promote your website and business?

This is why we provide our web design and branding services as a pay monthly SAAS option.

Our pay monthly SAAS model for web design & branding solves all of those issues.

1. Low initial investment for Web Design & Branding – Figures are for illustration purposes only.

For example, let’s say that you have a £5000.00 budget to get your business started and online.

You’ve been quoted:

  • £4000.00 for a website
  • £3000.00 for branding
  • You haven’t even considered technical, creative and marketing support because you’re already over your budget.

You will be paying £7000.00 for a website that will be worthless to begin with. You’ll need to spend at least another £5000.00 on marketing, promotion and support before the site becomes a valued asset. That’s a total of £12,000, £7,000 over your budget.

At Conceptstore we’ll provide you with an alternative method of payment.

Instead of paying up to £12,0000 upfront, you could be paying £1000.00 per month. This means you can start your business with a lower initial investment without skimping on what you really need to set up and promote your business.

Each of our pay monthly SAAS web design packages is customised around you, so you can stay within budget and get what you need to promote your business.

2. Maintaining your website & branding

With our SAAS pricing and services, website technical maintenance of your website is included as standard so you won’t need to pay more or pay anyone else to keep your website up and running.

3. Market your business on and offline

In order to add value to your business, your customers and website, our pay monthly SAAS web design and branding means that we can:

  • Make changes to your website as and when you need to at no additional charge
  • Create additional material such as print products or digital assets as and when you need them at no additional charge
  • Create and Review your branding when needed at no additional charge
  • Promote your business on an ongoing basis

We’ll speculate what you need to market your business and build a package around you.

4. Retain ownership of your web design & branding

After an initial contract is finished, all rights of the products are handed over to you so you retain full ownership of the work in the end, once it has value.

5. Better Value Web Design & branding

Our pay monthly SAAS packages are the best value you can get when it comes to branding, web design and support packages, providing everything you need to keep your business going with a successful online presence.

There’s no tradeoff with cost, quality and services. You get what you need at a price that you can afford.

Many clients still want to pay outright for their website in which case we provide our creative and technical support as a pay monthly service in addition to a bulk investment but if you’re a small business, just starting up and want the best value for money, in line with expert and professional communication services, then our pay monthly web design packages would be the way to go.

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