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The problem

Every business idea has a competitor. It doesn’t matter if you have one, 100, or one million – it creates a competitive marketplace where you have to battle for a sale.

The problem is that you and your competitor both look like a valid option for the buyer (you do sell similar things after all), so how can you win the sale?

The solution

The only way to win the sale is to connect with the customer by capitalising on your own core differences and values, and telling the customer exactly what they’re buying into when they buy with you.

The goal is to not just make your brand a choice for the buyer but the perfect choice.

The answer

With this ideology you don’t have to chase the customer and you don’t have to compete with the competition to win the sale.

All you need to do is communicate well, and to do that you need to create a brand with a strategy.

Improve your communication with a brand strategy

We implement 3 steps to discover, redefine and reposition your brand as a unique operator in the marketplace

1. The Brand Workshop

The brand discovery workshop is an in-person full day creative workshop between us and you, bringing questions and data to the forefront of your brand creation.

During this session we’ll work together to reveal insights and ideas about your brand values, sales journeys, customer profiles and your USP, helping us to truly define who you are as a brand.

Coupled with research and evidencing, this programme provides a deep exploration into your business and sector so we can begin to position your brand effectively.

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2. Brand Strategy

With some refinement and creative execution, we’ll document a brand strategy that defines your:

  • Brand Values
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Mission
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Audience
  • Brand Users
  • Brand Language
  • Brand Mantra
  • Brand Archetype

The end result is a strategy of communication that’ll let you send the right message to the right audiences in the right way.

3. Brand Identity

Unlike other brand consultancies we’re not all talk and no walk. We won’t create a brand strategy for you and then leave you to figure out how to use it. We’ll utilise the brand strategy as a full proof design brief, laying down the foundations for how your brand should look and connect with its customers visually.

We’ll bring the brief to life with Line, Shape, Type, Form, Colour & Texture in step three Brand identity design. >>

The end result is a holistic brand where each piece of communication connects to the next, delivering a brand experience that resonates with your customers.

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The outcomes...

1 .
Identify who your target audience really is?
Identify who your real competitors are?
Define your space in the marketplace
Define what to communicate and to who with new core messaging
Use your new master communication tool to sell your idea to anyone
You'll be the owner of a new, honest, unique and compelling brand

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