What is a brand strategy?

A brand strategy is a written document detailing how your brand will create itself, differentiate itself, promote itself and action itself through communication.  The brand strategy will provide solutions to these problems by determining your brands:

  • Values
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Position
  • Language
  • Audience
  • Users
  • Archetype

Why create a brand strategy?

As an idea or business you won’t get far if your consumers don’t know you, identify with you,  recognise you or trust you.  They won’t even know you exist.  To solve that problem a brand strategy turns an idea into:

  • A sellable idea
  • A marketable idea
  • An identifiable idea
  • A recognisable idea
  • A trustworthy idea

A brand strategy will create a soul and physical like presence to something that does not physically exist.

What else will a brand strategy do?

The brand strategy will solve content and marketing problems for you before they arrive.  For example, once you start promoting your brand you’ll probably ask these questions:

  • What opening text shall I put on the homepage of the website?
  • How should we communicate on social media?
  • What should our logo look like?
  • Who are we trying to attract with our marketing?
  • How do we compete?

There will be no need to think about answers to these questions because the brand strategy would have answered and documented them all already.

The core benefit of a brand strategy is that it will give your brand a specific direction that’s unique to your business.

What does a brand strategy do for businesses?

Your brand strategy will become your rulebook and blueprint to building your brand, evidencing what you do, why and how. It will direct and regulate the communication for your brand, so you can deliver consistent and creative messaging to the right audience without fail.

Businesses use it internally to guide employees with their actions and thoughts, and externally they use it as a guide to what they should say, how and to who within their marketing mix.

A brand strategy will help you to position your brand in the marketplace so you’re not competing with others and in doing so it will differentiate your brand from similar brands, highlighting core differences and generating USPs.

Do you really need a brand strategy?

A brand strategy is like a creative business plan.  You could startup or run a business without one.  But that’s like running a business without doing any research into your business idea.  What would you prefer?

  1. Running a business without knowing what your doing, who your targeting, how you’ll market it and in what direction you’re going?
  2. Having a complete set of answers in one document which you could hand off to anyone whether they be an employee, investor or potential client.

How to create your brand strategy?

If you want to create a brand then the first and foremost thing you’d want to do is create a brand strategy.  It’s the most important part of creating a brand.

Creating a brand strategy is is like creating a fictional character on paper.  You’re not just creating what the person looks like though? You’re creating an entire personality, detailing how that person thinks, talks, and acts? What is that persons morals and principles? What is that persons ambitions and traits, where will that person be in 5 years and how they’ll get there?

To do so you need to figure out your brands values,, mission, visions, purpose, position, language, audience, users and archetype as they are the components that create your character.

Want to create your own brand strategy?

Try out my brand strategy session and I’ll provide immersive sector research, a full days consultation and a final brand strategy manual to outline your:

  • Brand Values
  • Brand Mission
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand position
  • Brand Language
  • Brand Audience
  • Brand Users
  • Brand Archetype

I’ll deliver a brand strategy to move your business forward with a communication tool that connect with your customers, regulates your marketing activities and guides your business into its own unique space

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