Why I use WordPress in 2021

Over the years I’ve built websites on all types of systems from Joomla and OpenCart to Shopify and Squarespace.

One system I also used was called Adobe Business Catalyst, however, due to a reclining userbase Adobe decided to discontinue the system, so in the past month I’ve been moving many websites from Adobe Business Catalyst onto my favoured choice of CMS; WordPress.

Why I use WordPress in 2021 (and for the past 11 years)

WordPress has been popularised by the web developers and marketers alike for its user-ability and technical prowess to scale, display, manage and promote content on-line.

Constant improvements are made to the system allowing any site to stay current in technology, security and functionality.  In addition, WordPress allows for the development of cost-effective solutions to be delivered quickly via plug-ins and a wide user base of developers and support.

I’ve been using WordPress for over 11 years now and I highly recommend it, so much so that today, I build all sites with WordPress in combination with the Genesis Framework, and come March, 100% of my client sites will be a WordPress website, hosted and managed by Conceptstore.

This is not the first time I’ve had to migrate a site from one CMS to WordPress though. I’ve done it so often that I’ve become proficient in it and have helped more than a few clients to improve their online presence and get out of sticky situations with their service providers by transitioning them to Conceptstore and WordPress.

If you need help setting up a WordPress site or are looking to migrate your current system to WordPress then feel free to get in touch for some advice on your options.

I know it’s a bit late but Happy New Year, good luck in your endeavours for 2021 and I hope we speak soon.  

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