Effective Ideas to Make Money Online

From virtual assistants to aspiring entrepreneurs, many people are making enough money online to sustain themselves. If you wish to join these ranks and create a source of income for yourself, there are multiple ideas to explore.

Sell Digital Products Online

Let’s start with selling digital products online. The first thing you need is an idea. For example, it could be online courses. The demand for educational content is quite high these days, given how many people are looking to learn new things or improve their current skill set to satisfy their curiosity or get better opportunities to find work.

Creating educational content should not be a problem, even if you lack teaching experience. You need to pick a topic and find as many sources to use to create a course. So long as your online course information is valuable and easy to digest, you can expect to make money by selling it.

Usually, video content is better than long articles because people find it easier to consume and memorize videos that emphasize visuals and audio. In fact, viewers retain 95 percent of the information, whereas readers retain only 10 percent (WavesMedia, 2020). Therefore, prepare to commit to making videos yourself or hiring a video editor.

Once your courses are ready, you will have to pick a platform to sell them on, like Gumroad. Sellfy is also a solid choice thanks to its zero transaction fees policy, social media integration, clean checkouts, and digital file security. 

Of course, you should not expect to sell educational courses or other digital products straight off the bat, even if the content is high-quality. No, you will need to promote the products on social media, online forums, and other channels to sell them.

Stream on Twitch TV

make money on twitch

Becoming a successful Twitch TV streamer would solve your financial woes. Some of the top streamers make six figures thanks to their hard work and loyal audience.

If you have an entertaining personality or enough talent to woo Twitch TV viewers and turn them into regular watchers, starting a channel on Twitch could prove to be a good idea.

To speed up the channel’s growth, consider:

  • Sticking to a regular streaming schedule
  • Interacting with your viewers by inviting them to play games together and responding to their questions
  • Investing in high-quality microphone, webcam, and other streaming equipment

When your channel starts attracting enough viewers, you can expect to get your first subscribers. Subscriptions are one of the primary monetization methods on Twitch TV. Besides them, there are also donations, bits from cheering, and sponsorship deals. 

Start Blogging

Monetization might not be the primary reason behind starting a blog. Maybe you are looking for an outlet to express your creativity or share thoughts with other people. 

On the other hand, someone might start blogging with the intent to create a source of income. Even if they lack writing skills, it is something one can learn in time.

Regardless of the circumstances, monetizing a blog is possible so long as enough readers visit the blog. If you work on SEO, promote your articles on social media and other channels, and collaborate with other content creators, you can expect to attract plenty of readers.

Once the traffic on a blog is high, you can consider how to monetize your content. Some bloggers rely on ad networks or include affiliate links. Others stick to publishing sponsored content or advertising their own digital products, such as e-books or webinars. 

Keep in mind that you can combine multiple monetization methods and test different combinations to determine which works the best.

Self-Publish on Amazon

Thanks to Amazon, writers no longer need to receive rejection letters from traditional publishing agencies. Instead, they can become self-published authors. Considering how popular e-books have become, it should not come as a surprise that Amazon has more than 6 million e-books available for purchase.

One could argue that the niche is oversaturated, but reading books is still a popular pastime. If you can write decent fiction or nonfiction, there is money to be made selling e-books on Amazon. 

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Visit Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancer platforms to find gigs for virtual assistants. People are always looking for more ways to increase their productivity. That’s why some choose to hire virtual assistants and leave some tasks to them. 

The pay you get for this work depends on what kind of tasks you receive. The work ranges from simple data research and image editing to creating and publishing social media content or optimizing websites for search engines.

Lacking work-related skills should not be a problem if you can learn them. The first step is to convince a person looking for a VA that they should hire you. 

If you land the position and start your work, make sure to be reliable and diligent. These two traits are keys to build trust between you and the employer so that they start giving you more important tasks in the future and increase your pay.

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