Branding Challenges When Creating a Clothing Business Logo

Some logos have become an important part of Americana. The golden arches of McDonald’s, the KFC colonel, and the Starbucks siren all evoke memories and strong feelings in the people who see them as they drive down the street.

When you start a business, you want to create a memorable logo that will give people an idea of what your company does. Creating a logo can be challenging. You want to find something unique and eye-catching, that will not cause confusion. If you are just starting a business, you may not be able to afford a professional logo designer. You can always create your own logo. However, there are a few challenges you might face.

Aligning Your Logo

Once you have figured out the design you want to use, You will have to figure out the way that it will appear on paper. You must think about the symmetry of the design.

When you design your own logo, you may find that it is difficult to fit your company name above, on, or below that design symmetrically. You should use a template to guide you.

Once you have designed your logo It can be challenging to figure out where to put it on a billboard or print ad. It is recommended that you never put a logo to the right or in the center of an advertisement. It should always be to the left because that is where people’s eyes naturally go.

Poorly Sized Logos

A logo will not be the same size in all instances. It will be a very large size on a billboard but a web page will bear a much smaller likeness. A logo should look the same no matter what size it is. When people design their own logos, they often make the mistake of thinking that it is only going to be seen in one size.

When an image gets bigger it will often look more pixelated. Certain lines may not be as sharp as they are when they are smaller. Your logo may look quite blurry when it is blown up.

If your initial logo design is very large,  It may look dark when you put it on a t-shirt depending onthe t-shirt printing style that you use. Professional logo designers and those who make templates know what tools to use to make your logo look fabulous every time.

Finding the Right Color Scheme

Finding colors that look good together is not particularly challenging. Every time you put together an outfit to wear you will combine certain colors. However, when you design a logo, you want to evoke certain emotions within people.

One of the reasons that so many restaurants use a combination of red and yellow is that psychologists have discovered that the combination makes people hungry. Green makes people think of wealth and blue is associated with honesty. If you are opening an investment firm, you may want to make your logo green and blue.

Professional logo artists know how to combine colors. They also know how to create properly aligned logos that will look good in any size. Unfortunately, they charge premium prices.

Nowadays, you can go online and find tools to create a logo. There are templates you can work with that are already properly sized and aligned. You will just add your company name and a slogan.

Your company deserves to be seen, and a great logo can help you introduce yourself. Creating a beautiful logo is the first step in getting your name in front of the public and letting people know what you can do for them.

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