A Secret & Powerful Marketing Weapon

There’s a secret and powerful weapon out there that not a lot of businesses use.

Some might call it a childish solution and some think of it as an amateurish trade but these are ignorant opinions by people who don’t see how it evokes emotional responses, influences consumers and displays a beauty in design that impacts and engages every time.

That secret marketing weapon is illustration.

Its greatness is evidenced throughout history as its championed communication, research, development and commerce for governments, religions, businesses, lifestyle and culture.

Theres traditional illustration that derives from conventional artistic skills, using a form of ink to express line, shape, type and form to mould strong messages.

the use of Illustration in marketing
Paintings and line drawing using strokes to communicate style and tone.

Theres digital illustration which spawns a multitude of sub-genres and styles from photo manipulations and 3D graphics to vector illustration and pixel portraits. Each one defined by the technology used to create it.

2D digital illustration and 3D generated digital illustration

These are pretty bold and artistic examples of marketing that build characeter and entertain but illustration also plays a heavy hand in informing consumers with the likes on infographics, corporate brochures and general marketing documents.

Hipsci Web Design & Marketing
Infographical flyer design using illustration to map a journey

These are all examples of external communication to entice and communicate with consumers but illustration is just as widespread with internal business development.  So many businesses use illustration as a core process of developing their next big thing.

Automobile & Character Design

It’s not just for the creative industry though. Medicine, finance and even religion use illustration to develop a point.

Medical artwork exploring anatomy. A marketing illustration for Lloyds bank and the famous last supper portrait

From the first spoken dialect to Da Vinci’s research and right up to Disney Pixar today, illustration has only helped to entertain and develop communication.

Its a secret and powerful marketing tool that not many small businesses invest it.

And it’s a shame.


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