101 Business Startup Tips – For the newly self-employed

Are you newly self-employed?
Starting a business on a tiny budget?
Or maybe you’ve got an infamous idea and want take a shot at success?

In any case, you’re probably thinking of the term “Business” but may not be too sure on how to get started.

Well, never fear because help is here.

I started up and run my own business for over 10 years, “Conceptstore Design Studio” and helped over 70 businesses to start-up and bring their own business ideas to life.

Let me be honest though, I made a ton of mistakes on the way and I’ve seen others do the same thing.

If you’re looking to start your own business then it’s likely that you’ll make the same mistakes too and that why I created “The One Hundred & One Start-up Tips”

The One Hundred & One Start-Up Tips is not an academic business book but a practical guide to getting your own business idea off the ground by following 101 short bite-sized tips.

Many have a structure, code, process and story to starting up and each person story is different. That’s why this guide is not a rulebook to starting up but nuggets of information to think about so you too can create your very own start-up story whilst saving yourself a lot of wasted time, money and effort along the way.

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In any case, let’s not wait any longer.

Business Start-Up Tips Number #1

Business Start-Up Tip #1 – There’s no time like the present to start a business.

There are dozens of reasons why you shouldn’t be self-employed or start a business:

  • The economy
  • The children
  • The mortgage
  • The money
  • The bills
  • Your job

Fair dues! You do need a cash flow and you can’t just put your family aside when starting a business but to be honest none of the above reasons are real, they’re only excuses holding you back and stopping you from starting today.

The above reasons are all natural responses to the idea of self-employment because self-employment is a risk but ideally that risk should reap a reward so if you think that any of the above are reasons why you shouldn’t start up today then let me tell you that you’re wrong.

If anything the reasons above will likely push you harder to succeed if you actually do start-up so don’t worry about them. The real problem you have to face is time.

The importance of time in starting a business.

First of all, it’s not about the right timing because there is no such thing when it comes to starting a business. Let me rephrase that! The right timing could help your business startup quickly but the wrong timing is unlikely to make your business fail.

Any business can start up and succeed regardless of the economy, opportunities and timing. The importance of time in starting up is not about which time slot you start in but how much time you can invest in the business.

From experience, a lack of time investment is the main factor as to why new businesses, startups or newly self-employed people don’t necessarily succeed. I know this because I’ve done it myself!

Two of my businesses failed because of the lack of time I put into them.
Another two of my businesses failed because of the lack of time someone else didn’t put into them (partners).

In addition, many of my past clients at Conceptstore started a new business that didn’t persist because they didn’t invest enough time into their business. Some treated their business as a sideline to their main job which meant that they couldn’t invest time into their idea. Some just started up and hoped for the best with minimal effort. Both didn’t realise that a cash investment would be needed to compensate for the time they didn’t invest in the business.

It’s great to have a great idea and start a business but ideas really need pursuing and developing to gain the full reward and let me be honest, it’s no easy task, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are as a business person.

Dedication is pretty much what you need to be self-employed or run a business so if you’re thinking of starting a business don’t let the economy, kids or mortgage get in the way because those problems are all solvable. The only problem which lies with you will be your dedication so if you don’t have the time, don’t start.

If you can make the time and persist then the chances are that you can start up and maybe even succeed.

There’s is no time like the present so get dedicated and start-up today.

Do anything from research and development to looking at finance or studying the market.

There’s no risk involved in researching and its the best way to start pursuing your business idea.

Spend 10 minutes on it, an hour or even a day, it doesn’t matter as long as you start and do something.

There’s no time like the present so start now.

Business Start-Up Tip #2 – Don’t Be Scared to start-up

One Hundred & One Startup Tips

The idea of being self-employment can be scary.

I myself didn’t have a lot of support when I started up and I found that the fear of responsibility and debt plays a heavy hand but the biggest fear that I’ve seen in others that want to start a business is the fear of their own ability.

These people are usually strong minded and persistent, smart and capable but suffer a strong feeling of doubt because they’re taking a risk.   You might be one of these people and you might have asked yourself

“Can I really do it? What if it goes wrong?”

It’s likely that this is your first step into self-employment and you know what? You’re right to be scared because being self-employed is a risk.

Self-employment is not for everyone but you never know it might be ideal for you!

You won’t know until you try so give it a go.

I myself was not scared of starting up but I didn’t have a lot of support when I did. Luckily I’m the sort of guy who takes every piece of information with a pinch of salt so most peoples opinions don’t affect me.

At times it would be hard (it still is) but I’m also a pretty self-motivated person which is a great asset to have when you’re self-employed.

If you’re scared of starting a new business or being self-employed then I let me give two pieces of advice.

Knowledge is power

Starting a business is scary because of the unknown! You don’t know what it will cost, what might happen and maybe even what to do so start looking, learning and researching your business idea and in doing so your confidence will start building because that “unknown” element disappears.

Dive in

The hardest part of starting a business is actually starting so just dive in and start doing the above now and step by step work your way up to just selling your idea to see if you can make any money from it.

Starting a business doesn’t have to be as official as it may sound. There can be lots of red tape or legislation that you need to abide to but don’t be scared, just get on with it and get started.

Create a Work Schedule

To help things along try creating a work schedule. Think of it as a set of tasks that need to be done daily or weekly to slowly transform your idea a reality. It’ll help you stay focused and on track. If you need help creating one try using a tool like a daily schedule template.

Business Start-Up Tip #3 – Forget the term Business

101 StartUp Tips - Forget the term business
Start-up Business tip 3

When starting up the term “business” associates itself heavily with risk, red tape, rules and regulations and you should abide by those legalities to give yourself a better chance of starting up but does it really help to get bogged down by rule when you’re in a pre-startup phase?

Typically these rules and regulations apply to larger or regulated businesses in order to control commerce. You on the other hand may not be a large business, you may not even be a small business, you could be one man (or woman) armed purely with a single idea that you think might solve a problem.

These rules and regulations could stop you from making a big mistake so it’s wise to take them on board but its also a good idea to be consumed by them. I’ve seen so many people who have a business idea but get held back by being too thorough. I myself have started businesses and focused on rules and regulations associated with the startup and I didn’t focus on the one thing that truly mattered.

Do people want it? And do they actually want to exchange money for it?

Basically can you even make one sale from your business idea?

In my opinion that’s probably the most important rule for a startup. Forget the term business because at pre-startup stage rules and regulations don’t apply until you make a sale or even re-occurring sales.

Until then all you have is an idea, so focus on marketing that idea and making a sale from it to see if it’s even worth pursuing.

You’ll save a whole heap of time and money in doing so.

Business Start-Up Tip #4 – Theres no such thing as an original idea

101 StartUp Tips - No such thing as an original idea

Is your business idea really that great?

Many people come to me with an idea that’s supposedly original only for me to find pretty quickly that it’s not; It’s been done before and done by many.

Just because you’ve had an idea, it doesn’t mean that someone else has not had the same idea.

Have a really good look into your start-up idea before investing any further time or money into it.

Business Start-Up Tip #5 – Solutions, Not Problems

101 start-up tips

Whether your start-up idea is original or not actually has no significance whatsoever in its success.

Success lies not in the originality of your idea but your determination to market it.

If an idea has been done before, so what!

If you’re passionate about an idea then ignore naysayers (even me) and look at how you can make an idea better than those before you.

How can you make it re-sell-able?

Business Start-up Tip #6 – Become Sherlock Holmes

business startup stips

Research will your best friend at start-up stage.

It may sound silly but learn to use google and the internet to find out anything and everything about your industry and start-up idea.

I’ve shot down ideas simply because I done the research that the start-up didn’t.

Research can reveal loopholes and problems which you may never have considered.

Business Start-Up Tip #7 – Theres always a Competitor

business startup tip 7
Business startup tip 7

I always ask clients “Who are your competitors?”

In return I’m often told “There are no competitors”.

That’s a mistake.

There is always a competitor.

Make sure you find one.

Start-up Tip #8 – Write a Business Plan

business startup tip 8
Business startup tip 8

Business plans transform romantic ideas of self-employment into shocking realities.

Cost, investment and timescales become real figures and the idea of starting a business suddenly becomes daunting.

Despite that, I know plenty of businesses that started up without a business plan and were tremendously successful by developing the business physically rather than theoretically.

But it’s always a agood idea to come up with a business plan.

Start-up Tip #9 – Don’t be a Perfectionist

Start-up tip 10
Start-up tip 9

Don’t be a perfectionist when getting your idea off the ground.

I’ve wasted time trying to get every step of a start-up perfect in order to launch successfully but from experience I can say that time wasted on perfecting an idea is time wasted full stop.

Nothing is ever Perfect.

Just get the idea to a good workable level and get it out there.

Start-up Tip #10 – Sell Sell Sell!

startup tip 10
Startup tip 10

If possible, start selling your idea at the earliest stage possible.

Sell it to friends, family and anyone who trusts you enough to buy from you.

Simply start and see if money can be made by selling immediately.

If it’s not possible to start selling immediately then start by selling the idea at the very least to find out who might be interested in your end product, service or idea.

This will identify a target market for your brand.

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