The one reason why your Start-up might fail

If you’re thinking of starting a new business or becoming self-employed then you might be thinking about stock, premises, budget, branding or even a website.  In terms of business psychology these thoughts are all good signs because it means you’re thinking ahead and building a strategic plan of action, a design that will help you get started as a business or become a freelancer.  It’s your way of maximising the impact of your efforts with timing and structure to ensure a good result.

Psychologically, this perfect business plan could also be a problem for the exact same reason because the strategy of planning derives from a psychological character trait known as being a perfectionist. It’s an admirable trait but can also be your greatest flaw because in reality, the more time you waste getting minor details perfect, the more time is wasted in reaching your main goal.  You believe that this perfect business plan needs to represent a perfect pathway to starting up your new business, and each step on the path must be perfected before allowing yourself to move on and actually start-up and become self-employed.

Being a perfectionist could be the reason why you never start a new business and become self-employed.

Things like business continuity management are certainly worth thinking about but don’t let it stop you on your tracks.

Why perfectionism will never let you start a new business

Psychologically, one person’s idea of perfection is different to another’s and what’s more your own idea of perfection can change instantly sending you on a wild goose chase. In turn the more time you spend perfecting your plan, the more distant perfection becomes because nothing is ever perfect.

Waiting for perfection usually spawns from a real perfect reason:

  • We don’t have the budget
  • The times not right
  • We didn’t plan it that way

These are all true and good enough reasons to wait to start your new business but wait too long and the details become barriers because time and perfection is ever changing. Rather than waste time waiting for perfection, change your business psychology.  Chase perfection and just go through the barriers anyway.

Dive under them, walk around them, open them or jump right over them and you’ll find that you’re a step closer to your goals whilst the barriers were never a problem in the first place.

As a self-employed designer, being a perfectionist is a character trait and when it comes to work I chase perfection with every job. Any good design though takes time but in business, time is a valuable commodity not to be wasted. In design, it’s the overall concept that needs finalising to reach a goal rather than the details because details will always change with time.

Whatever your startup business plans are, don’t wait for perfection to start them. Get the overall concept down and have a plan of action as a map with flexible routes. Don’t dwell or wait for perfection with details, chase it and just take the jump. If you’re opposed by barriers, get in touch at and we’ll break them down for you.


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