Branding and web design for female entrepreneurs

I work with a lot of different people from different industries but for some reason, I’ve had a very good history of working with female entrepreneurs; branding their businesses, creating websites and providing on-going support for them.

I’ve worked with both men and women but independent female entrepreneurs tend to have similar characteristics.

1. Female Entrepreneurs are goal driven.

I find that women in business usually have a good idea as to what they want even if they don’t know what it is that they want. 

And by that I mean they know their end goal.

The process of reaching that goal may sieve through but from the offset women in business know what the end result should be.

2. Female Entrepreneurs are productive

Female entrepreneurs are very productive in order to reach goals. They just seem to get on with things and get them done. 

They don’t usually wait until tomorrow, and they won’t leave it until the very last minute. Anything that needs doing is usually done ASAP because they tend to be much more organised when it comes to things that matter.

3. Female Entrepreneurs are good at research

Is it because they’re goal orientated or because they’re productive?

It’s both! And the fact that they’re organised and dive wholeheartedly into a project.

That’s why female entrepreneurs tend to be better at research and preparation for their own projects.

They’ll go the extra mile to look into things and make the best judgement possible based on thei research.

4. Female Entrepreneurs are picky

That’s not such a bad thing when the person is productive, good at research with an end goal. It usually means any pickiness is moving a project forward and going somewhere as opposed to nowhere.

As mentioned in point 1, they may not know what they want but what they do know is what they don’t want and I find that trait quite common with women in business.

5. Women in business sign on the dotted line

Women in business tend to invest in their business and sign on the dotted line much quicker than men.  They want results and they want them now. They’ve usually done the research and been productive enough to make direct contact with me. They negotiate progressively to sign and secure a deal fast because that’s one goal that they can then tick off of their list.

6. Women in Business give more referrals

Women in business seem to be more social, in turn, they communicate more openly and are generous with their connections. 

I get more referrals from my female clients than male.

7. They’re better at personal brand building

Does this have something to do with their ability to be better socialites then men? 

The DNA that makes them more caring? 

Or because they’ve had to fight to build their business identity in the workplace?

It’s probably all three as well as the 6 points above as to why female entreprenuers push harder and have more success at building a personal brand.

8. Their astronomers

I can’t count how many times I’ve been called a “Star”

What’s the difference between creating a website or brand for a woman as opposed to a man?

IMHO as a man, I think female entrepreneurs feel that they are up against it when flying solo as a businesswoman.

Because of that, they appreciate the honesty, support and responsiveness that I provide as a service provider and I think that’s why we end up working well together.

The gender of the website owner doesn’t matter one bit because the brand, business, marketing collateral and website should always be “customer focused” as opposed to “owner focused”.

A website should never be a website for a “woman” but it could be a website for “women”, a specific group of women. And that’s how I create beautiful websites that are female-focused or for women in business; I look at the client and what support they may need. And I look at the project and focus it on the end user.

Does a website for a woman have to be feminine?

To a degree, and in a way, yes.

A website promoting a woman or targeting women, needs to reflect a woman or relate to women and the best way to do that is to add an air of feminity to it but when doing so you have to give consideration to the term feminine. 

Feminine could be described as:

  • Girly
  • Beautiful
  • Delicate
  • Pretty

On another hand it could be considered as:

  • Strong
  • Powerful
  • Driven
  • Expressive

To create a female brand or design a feminine website for women you need to find the right combination of feminine traits that reflects the cause truthfully.

For example, a female arts and crafts blog might do well to use soft pastel colours with images of pretty things like flowers and a script font to give an overtone of natural softness and femininity.

However, a strong-minded female executive promoting her consultancy to corporate enterprises may want a classic look for her brand that exudes professionalism and expertise, reflecting her identity as a businesswoman. 

This type of personal brand could use black and white as a colour theme.  It sounds far from being stereotypically feminine but that’s the goal; To create an identity and website that tweaks the definition of femininity to suit the cause appropriately.  The stark contrast of black and white could be softened and modernised with a stylish yet strong feminine font or a dash of something else altogether.

The point is that the female executive is a woman and that feminity still plays a natural part of her identity so why not use that fact as a promotional tool.

In any case, there are no set rules or right or wrong answer as to how a female orientated brand or website should look as each one is different, requiring a different answer with creative exploration and evidence. 

You need to be open to ideas but more importantly open to the fact that each woman, brand and business idea is an individual problem that need solving.

And that’s really why I work so well with female entrepreneurs; Because I’m good at my job.

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