13 Contemporary Serif Fonts |RANDi #2

This edition of RANDi (Research & Inspiration) for Graphic Designers, Web Designers and Digital Designers covers thirteen top contemporary serif fonts available to download for free or to buy.

In the last ten years, sans-serif fonts have pretty much dominated graphic design, web design and branding.

Many corporate companies shifted from serif fonts to sans-serif in a bid to:

  • Streamline their identity
  • Modernise their identity
  • Provide a better working identity for digital reproduction
  • Show a sign of changing with the times, especially in a digital era

This way of design thinking has a knock-on effect with all designers.

Many follow the trend and mimic what these big companies do design-wise.

Overall it creates an onslaught of designers and companies using sans-serif fonts for their marketing and identity designs.

And the truth is, I don’t blame them!

Using a sans-serif font is the obvious choice for a clean cut and contemporary image.


With so many designers following the trend, it’s made a design landscape that’s monotonous with geometric fonts.

There’s no doubt that a sans-serif font still looks cool and works well but what about the old fruitful, characterful, wise and distinguished serif font.

Very few have bucked the trend and created new brands using serif fonts.

And even fewer have opted to stick with the serif font for any pre-established brand identity design.

It’s a shame!

Serif fonts do have that hint of traditionalism and they do show a strong connotation to a vintage era.


They can also be incredibly stylish, slick, classy and contemporary when used right.

In fact, some of the most modern and fastpaced industries such as fashion are ones that capitalise on the use of a serif font to add sophistication, glamour and prestige to their marketing and branding.

And the word is that serif fonts are making a big comeback.

I imagine that it’ll be with a sense of style that displays nostalgia, strong character or warmth as a brand.

One that’s signifies a brand for the people.

That’s just my generic opinion, but as a designer, you can do whatever you want with a font.

Combine a serif with san-serif and you’ll have the ultimate powerhouse of style and legibility.

Edit it, redesign it or capitalise it and you’ll get a unique result altogether.

In any case, you need somewhere to start so here’s a list of thirteen top contemporary serif fonts that you can use in your work.

1. Adriane Text Serif Font by Typefolio

 Adriane serif font by Typefolio.com – Classically designed

2. Argent Serif Font by Connary.com

 Argent serif font by Connary.com – beautiful curves

3. Basila Serif Font by Linotype

Basila serif font by Linotype Foundry – Strong and sophisticated

4. Brim Serif Font by Jamie Clarke

Brim serif font by Jamie Clarke – Full of vintage personality

5. Camila Serif Fnt by Lationtype

A fantatsic font by Latinotype
 A fantatsic font by Latinotype – Light and feminine

6. Capital Serif by Fenotype

 Capital serif-font by Fenotype – Great legibility

7.Columbia Titling by TypeTanic Fonts

 Columbia Titling by Typetanic fonts – Big and bold

8.Couturier Serif Font By LinoType

 Couturier Font by LinoType – A new personal favourite

9. Garibaldi Serif Font by HarbourType

 Garibaldi Serif font with an almost caligraphic style

10. Neftali Serif Font by TipoType

 Neftali Serif font by TipoType – ooozing character

11.Revista Serif Font by Latino Type

 A fashion based font all in uppercase

12. TT Jenevers by TypeType

 TT Jenevers by Type Type – Another classic

13. Vollkorn by Friedrich Althausen

 Vollkorn serif font – Beautifully traditional

There you have it. A beutiful selection of professionally made serif fonts that serve as an alternative to classic fonts like Georgia but without loosing quality.

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