Fashion Magazine Layout, Design & Inspiration | RANDi #3

Have you got a new graphic design project coming in thats fashion related?

Or maybe you need to create your own fashion brand and need some ideas.

Or maybe you’ve got a design project that just needs some unique direction.

In any case we’ve scoped the internet to bring you some of the best fashion based graphic design magazine covers and layouts to get your creative juices flowing.

Use this fashion magazine moodboard as your ultimate inspiration for a fashion related graphic design project.

Click on images to see the full projects or author sites.

Fashion Magazine Cover
Fashion Magazine Layout
Fashion Magazine Layout
Fashion Magazine Template
Fashion magazine Layout
Fashion Magazine Layout
Fashion Magazine Layout
Fashion Magazine Cover
Fashion MAgazine Template
Fashion MAgazine Template
Magazine Cover Design
Vein Fashion Magazine Cover Design
Fashion Magazine Layout Inspiration
Fashion Magazine layout inspiration
Fashion Magazine Graphic Design Inspiration
Fashion Magazine Layout
Fashion Magazine Cover Graphic Design
Fashion MAgazine Layout Design
Fashion Magazine Graphic Design Layout
Fashion Magazine Layout Design
Fashion Magazine Design


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    This article is like showing some examples of masterpieces. Well, it’s fine though but I expect more in detail. If you talk little more about the technique like fonts variation, image selection, body text, spreading, etc.

    I hope the next time I will get it.

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