10 Modern Business Stock Photos on DepositPhotos – RANDi #10

Some people frown upon the idea of stock photos and a lot of stock photos can be cheesy, overly staged and just give out a fake persona but let’s be honest, Stock Business photos are a godsend, especially when you don’t have the funds to hire a photographer.

This is why business stock photos are such a great resource for graphic designers and web designers.

It saves us time, provides a solution and lets us communicate the specific message that we intend but if you’re anything like me then you know that finding one single good photo that fits the mood and message for any given project, even on a premium stock photo site can take ages.

The problem is that stock photo sites need a mass of photos to create a photo library, and although the quality is a leading factor of a good stock photo site, quantity is just as important.

But with quantity comes a trade off of quality and looking for a great photo within 1 million photos can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

However, there are some tips you can use to improve your searches on stock photo sites:

  1. Use the search tools on stock photo sites to refine your searches and hopefully give better results
  2. Rather than using generic keywords, re-focus your keywords by using concept keywords. A great tool to use is GettyImages Keyword Guide
  3. Search by models
  4. And the one I want to talk about below is to search via the photographer

You can spend all day trying to find the right photo for your design project via a keyword search because the search results will return photos that fit the keyword but they may also be poor quality photos for you.

What makes a poor quality photo? It could be a photo that has:

  • Poor lighting
  • The wrong choice of model for your project
  • A poor combination of models
  • The right models but the wrong mood
  • The wrong layout
  • The wrong composition 
  • All of the above

So how can you find a good quality photo?

A great idea is to take option 4 from the list above and search via a photographer.

Scattered within the millions of photos on stock photo sites are gems. These happen to be quality photos where care and expertise were taken to produce a magnificent photo.  The photographer knew what they were doing and it’s more than likely that the photographer has a great portfolio full of quality photos.

Even if a photo is irrelevant to your keyword search but shows a sign of quality, a tone or style that you want to express then its a good idea to search within that specific photographer’s portfolio for a better chance of finding the perfect photo that you need.

With that in mind, I’ve created a list of 10 modern stock business photos on DepositPhotos taken by photographers with good portfolios. 

In general, these photographers tend to have all round good photos for any given subject.

I use a handful of different stock photo sites but DepositPhotos is a favourite for me. It has a great balance of quality photos, search tools and subscription choices that suit my needs.  

In general, many of these photos and portfolios still hark back to the old-school, staged and the cheesy stereotype of stock photos but that’s what most of my clients still want. 

At least these do it with quality and a modern twist.

If you’re stuck looking for good business stock photos then check out these photos on DepositPhotos. Once you’re there, you can click through to the Photographers name to view their portfolio. 

Be sure to adjust the search category to Business & Finance or use the keyword Business to see the relevant business photos within the photographer’s portfolio pages.

Ridofranz Photo

Business Stock Photos
Business Photos by Rido Franz

Rido Franz portfolio has an overall tone of honesty.  Warm colours, casually smart models, natural expressions and creative offices make for a modern approach to business photos rather than the typical blue suits and white blurred background corporate look (however you can also find those in the portfolio as well).

PressMaster Photo Portfolio

Business Stcok Photos
Stock business Photos by Pressmaster

PressMaster has a collection of sharply focused photos, depicting a modern corporate environment.  The great thing about these photos which are hard to find elsewhere is diversity with the model’s gender, age and race.

Depositedhar Business Photos

Stock Business Photos by DeposiedtHar
Stock Business Photos by DeposiedtHar

DepositedGHar’s photos use the style and colours of a typical corporate photo shoot but with a modern twist on the style of models, capturing a new age of business people.


JKStock Business Photos
JKStock Business Photos

JKStock has a natural and raw feel to their photos capturing the mood of a realistic environment and realistic people.

David-pull Business Photo

David Pull Stock Business Photo
David Pull Stock Business Photo

All of David Pulls work has a splendid use of light and style capturing moments in thought as oppose to staged scenes.

AllaSerebrina Photos

AllaSerebrina Business Photos
AllaSerebrina Business Photos

Alla Serebrina uses harmonising colours or stark complementary contrasts to ooze style and sophistication in photos. Almost fashion like.

GStockStudio Business Stock Photos

GStockStudio Photos
GStockStudio Photos

GStock Studios have a clear fondness for fashion photography which spills over to their business photos.


Freeograph Business Photos
Freeograph Business Photos

Freeograph has a nice collection of women in business who are pregnant.


MAvo Business images

Mavo Images use vibrant colours and huge sources of natural light to create strong and bright photos.


Despite having the photographers name at hand, you may still have to delve deeper into their portfolios to find the right photo or more great quality photos but the difference will be that there are fewer low quality photos to go through, making your search for the perfect photo quicker and stronger.

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