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I help a variety of businesses with branding, web design and development and after a project is complete, the same questions arise every time.

  • “How do I target clients online?”
  • “How do I get the word out? about my business”
  • “How do I get people on my website?”

There is no easy answer but there is an answer.

It’s not a one-shot solution and it’s not going to be easy because the solution is a holistic strategy to creating a brand presence and to answer the question fully I created this free training course to answer the question clearly and practically.

Learn how to:

  • Market your business online
  • Create more followers for your business
  • Make Content marketing work for you
  • Increase your website sales leads
  • Get 10 new signups a day to your blog
  • reate a solid content marketing strategy

Tried & Tested

This course was created as a direct result of wanting to improve my own business marketing and guess what?

It worked for me.

Other free resources will give you generic answers with no real methodology on how to attract clients and increase your subscriber rate but this training course gives you a strategic plan of action backed up with practical instructions to get tyou started with content marketing and get some results.

What will I gain from it?

  • Play to your strengths – Use your professional knowledge to market your business
  • Attract new people – Create increasing hits to your website to form leads
  • Create better marketing – Capture potential customer details and market to them directly
  • Build a Brand – Increase your personal and business brand awareness

Take the training course…It’s Free!

This training course is based on reveals the 13 golden rules spread over 9 chapters which are the key to getting started with content marketing and getting some results.

To start attracting clients online, improve your content and increase your subscribers read on and download each chapter below.

Lesson 1|The Death of a Salesman

You’ve used flyers, adverts, directory listings and even your own website to market your business just like the online experts advised but nothing has really made a big impact on your business.

You’ve heard of words such as blogs, branding and content marketing but haven’t fully dived into it yet.  Well now we’re jumping straight into it.

We don’t know each other yet so think of lesson 1 as an introductory to me and the journey we’ll be taking together to start attracting clients online.

In this personal lesson you’ll discover:

  • My marketing successes and failures
  • Why marketing doesn’t work for you
  • How blogs became business tools
  • The real reasons why you’re not blogging
  • Why you should be blogging
  • How we’ll be making media and making sales through your brand

Get started on this introductory lesson below…

Download lesson 1

Download Lesson 1
The Death of a Salesman

Lesson 2 |Making your posts more powerful than your homepage

In lesson one we saw how the blog became a business tool and in lesson two we’ll be looking at the strategy behind it and how your blog will become more powerful then your homepage.

Get ready to get your hands dirty because we’re going to make  practical changes to improve the aesthetics of your own blog via some simple, visual tweaks.

In this lesson you’ll discover:

  • How blogs work
  • The technical strategy behind blogging
  • How to make your blog easier to read
  • How to make your blog more attractive
  • How to start building an audience with your blog

Get started on lesson 2 below…

Download lesson 1

Download Lesson 2
Making Your Posts More Powerful Than Your Homepage

Lesson 3 |Forget the 90’s Sales Pitch.

In the last lesson, we looked at the sales tool of the 21st century; the blog and we refined its design so it works for you but now we need to figure out what to do with it.

It’s all well having a functional blog and creating content to go on it but what good is it if we don’t have an overall strategy to bring in more sales for our business.

In this lesson you’ll discover:

  • Why the 90’s sales pitch is dead
  • The strengths and weaknesses with your content strategy
  • How we’re going to develop your own in house content strategy
  • How the strategy will help build your own brand
  • How to attract clients online

Get started on lesson 3 below…

Download lesson 1

Download Lesson 3

Lesson 4|Analysing the competition

We’ve built a blog and a strategy so now we need to refine what we’re doing by checking out whats been done before by others.

Looking at the competition will teach us a lot about what works and what doesn’t but more importantly what we’re up against as a content provider.

The great thing about this lesson is that you’ll start to get some figures and statistics to see exactly what we’re up against and what goals we need to set to attract clients online through a blog.

In this lesson you’ll discover:

  • Great tools to help you build your blog
  • How to find your competitors
  • What to analyse from your competitors
  • Identifying your audience
  • What you should be doing to attract clients online with your conetent

Get started on lesson 4 below…

Download lesson 1

Download Lesson 4
Analysing the competition

Lesson 5|How to create a years worth of content

This is probably the biggest problem for small businesses wanting to market online…”How to create a years worth of content?”

It’s all good having a great blog and a maybe even a content strategy but what good is it if you have nothing to post?

In this lesson we’ll be breaking down and creating your strategy to producing a years worth of content.

In this lesson you’ll discover:

  • What different types of posts you can create
  • How many posts you need to create
  • How to easily quadruple your current content
  • A strategy to creating a years worth of content

Get started on lesson 5 below…

Download lesson 1

Download Lesson5
How to Create  Years Worth of content

Lesson 6 | How to create Premium Content

Now that we’ve figured out how to create a years worth of content we need to focus on how to make that content premium content.

We can’t just dish out loads of content without calibre so in this lesson we’ll be looking at specifc techniques to improve the quality of your blog posts.

In this lesson you’ll discover:

  • How to write your posts
  • How to create post titles
  • How to edit your posts
  • How to add structure
  • How to make your posts searchable and findable
  • How to distribute your posts

Get started on lesson 6 below…

Download lesson 1

Download Lesson 6
How to Create Premium content

Lesson 7 | Publishing & Sharing Your Content

In the last lesson we touched on the idea of making your content searchable and findable but in this lesson, we go much more in-depth.

The truth of it is that producing content is only the first half of marketing online. Sharing it and distributing that content is the second half which is just and time consuming.

In this lesson you’ll discover:

  • The idea behind social media
  • How to share your content
  • Where to share it
  • What tools you can use to help you
  • Using Keywords and Tags
  • How to make the most out of sharing your content

Get started on lesson 7 below…

Download lesson 1

Download Lesson 7
Sharing & Distributing Your Content

Lesson 8 | Turning Strangers into Subscribers

One of the core problems I’ve always had was gaining new subscribers to my blog.

No matter how much content I had or how good my content was or even where and how I distributed it, getting new subscribers was always incredibly difficult until I learnt one very secret tool.

In this lesson you’ll discover:

  • 2 golden rules to actually getting subscribers

Get started on lesson 8 below…

Download lesson 1

Download Lesson 8
Turning strangers into Subscribers

Lesson 9 | Keeping your business, blog and content forever green

Over the last 8 lessons we’ve looked at almost everything to make your blog become your own PR tool and now in our final lesson we need to look at how we can make use of all that hard work and more importantly how we can keep it up and make it last.

In this lesson you’ll discover:

  • How to keep your blog going
  • How to maintain your content
  • How to market your business beyond content

Get started on lesson 8 below…

Download lesson 1

Download Lesson 9
Keeping your business, blog and content forever green


This free training course should get you on your way to creating a content marketing strategy but becuase digital marketing changes and such a fast pace, the above training is not a concise training manual.

To improve your content marketing even more look into SEO and new trends in digitla marketing.

If you need any help with any of the above then, get in touch.

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