5 ways to improve your website design (and they’re all easy)

It’s important to do outbound marketing and get users on your website but it’s just as important to focus your efforts on what happens when a user gets to your website.  What good is it if you get 500 users visiting your website a day but none are taking any action to spend money with you?

If that’s the case then there’s definitely something wrong with your website design, your brand or even your business model but before you take any drastic action in changing your business, take into account the emotional impact that your website, products or service may be having on your users. Maybe the look, feel and design of your website are just not hitting home for potential customers and the reason being is that your business is not creating enough desire through design for your customers.

Desire through design

Sales are driven by desire or necessity but cost can stop us from fulfiling those needs. To solve, customers can finance a purchase with you via loans and credit cards, and make purchases which are a necessity but also spend more on items which they don’t necessarily need but they may desire.

Sounds materialistic! 

Well it’s not!  We all do it.  We all need certain things but finance is usually something which determines what we buy, however, our brains do funny things to help us make desirable products and services an affordable necessity.  Psychologically we will:

  1. Desire something we may not need but want.
    To get it we will transfer desire into a necessity.
  2. Transfer expense and desire into value and intelligence to ensure that what we have bought was the best option available and that our purchase was an intelligent decision. (Justifying our purchasing decision and fulfilling our desires)

All of the above is driven by our emotions and desire.  We have a desire to buy the best and be proud of it, and businesses know this so they go out of their way to make sure that their products and sales experience are desirable.

Design is a big part t making something desirable.  Sometimes it’s the sheer aesthetic appeal of a product that makes it desirable and sometimes it’s the illusion that surrounds the design.

There are lots of tips and tricks to achieve a desirable image as a business so if you want to read them in full then check out this article about lifestyle branding. 

If you just want a quick and simple method then read the following design tips to help improve your website design and make the presentation of products and services become more desirable.

1. Use good photos and digital design for your web design

If you want something to be desired then it needs to look desirable, and good photos and design is the answer. It’s essential for food, fashion and beauty businesses to use good photos but it’s just as rewarding for an accountant, coach or tradesman to use phenomenal photos for their website design.

Whether you go for bespoke photos or for stock photos, a template web design or a custom web design, quality is the key.  Good quality photos and graphics will shine through to create a unique image that communicates intensively and drives desire.

Great graphics and powerful photos will improve your web design ten-fold.

2. Use negative space in your web design

Through design techniques such as negative space, padding and margins you can create a subconscious and contemporary image of desire.  It’s an ultra-subtle but high impact technique that works across the board from packaging design to web design and graphic design to interior design. 

Good use of negative space creates a minimalistic and modern look, highlighting the products beauty or a service providers professionalism to reveal a desirable image.

3. Add testimonials & people to your website design

Associating people with your product or service creates immediate desire.  We can’t all afford a celebrity spokesman and to be honest maybe we don’t need to. Utilising people in the form of images, testimonials or case studies creates a credible, sellable and desirable image.  Think of it like selling the future.  It’s the benefits of your business, personified, and a desirable image that your customer can relate to.

4. Quality Website Design

A certain quality has to be present in order to be a desirable brand because no one desires rubbish.  However, quality can only really be determined by experience after a sale.  Prior to that, you have to sell the “idea” of quality.  The only way to do that is by delivering quality. Quality communication, a quality idea and quality web design.

Don’t scrimp on your website design resources. If you want results from it, hire the best to reap the rewards.

5. Identity & Consistency

When we desire a product or service, it’s because we identify with it. It reflects who we are, what we need or what we want from it but we only build an intense relationship with that identity if it’s displayed to us over and over again consistently.

An identity could be born from a reputation, a personal character or a story but to make it identifiable it needs to become visual, literal and emotional so that we can connect with it and recognise it, making it desirable.

To improve your website design develop a brand identity system and use it in the creation of your website design. It’ll unify all of the above points to make one completely desirable website that engaes users and makes sales.


It’s quite surprising how much desire drives us in life and it’s one thing that every consumer has in common.  The 5 simple tips above will do wonders to improve your website design and begin the process of making your business, a desirable brand.

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