What is a brand mantra?

Also known as “brand essence” and often confused with a strapline, slogan or promise due to its short and snappy nature, however, unlike those marketing tools a brand mantra is used first and foremost as an internal brand alignment tool that uses 3 individual words to state what the brand stands for and strives for in a short, concise and truthful manner.

It’s as a single-focused message that displays the brands differentiation, focus, purpose and customer expectancy.

Eg. Nikes Brand Mantra

Authentic – Athletic – Performance

What do brand mantras do for businesses?

Most branding disciplines use creative and clever wordplay to become glorified sales tools and whilst a brand mantra is not so different in its composition it does remove non-necessities, jargon and sales pitter patter.  In doing so it becomes a precise tool to guide and communicate the brand to its stakeholders.  Much like brand values, a brand mantra is a point of reference for the brand to turn to for guidance in decision making.

Once you create a solid brand mantra, you can spread it within your organisation and keep it as a directive to align all actions to it. 

Eg. Apples brand Mantra

Think Different

Do you really need a brand mantra?

Brand Values, Brand Missions & Brand Visions are like Café lattes, Americano Coffees and Cappuccinos.  Great tasting, visually appealing and dramatic.  A brand mantra is like a shot of Espresso. Small, powerful and the essence of a good strong coffee.  It’s the shortest and most concise branding tool you can create and packs a hell of a punch.  Whilst brand values and brand missions create purposeful explanations wrapped in thought-provoking language, a brand mantra is an equally creative yet defined statement with simplicity.  Anyone can read it and make sense if it.  

It’s a good tool to help you illustrate what your organisation does and why.

Doves Mantra

– Real Beauty for real people

How to create your brand mantra?

A brand mantra is one of the final exercises to building a brand.  It’s a succinct revelation of all the other brand building blocks in 3 words.  To keep it simple, a brand mantra is just that…. A mantra.

Mantra (noun): a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

To figure out what your brand mantra should be, figure out your brand first with my help.  


Fun – Family – Food

With my brand strategy session, I provide immersive sector research, a full days consultation and a final brand strategy manual to outline your:

  • Brand Values
  • Brand Mission
  • brand Vision
  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand position
  • Brand Language
  • Brand Audience
  • Brand Users

I’ll deliver a brand strategy to move your business forward with a communication tool that connect with your customers, regulates your marketing activities and guides your business into its own unique space in the marketplace.

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