How to create your own Brand Ambassadors

When you think “brand ambassador” you probably think Elon Musk, Richard Branson or Steve Jobs but Brand Ambassadors today are more than a famous face…

Who are brand ambassadors?

Brand ambassadors are either:

A celebrity endorsement:

Someone famous who can embody a brand and appeal to a target audience.  For example, the face of Nescafe is not Stefano Agostini (the owner of parent company Nestle) but the Hollywood actor George Clooney.

A Brand leader:

Brand ambassadors also come in the form of brand leaders; a person within the brand who pushes themselves forward as the brand’s ambassador.  CEO’s, directors and owners use their own face to represent their company and become “rockstar” celebrities.

An Average Joe:

With the rise of social media and connectivity the idea of a brand ambassador has evolved, putting the power into the end-users hands.  The most powerful brand ambassador for a brand is anyone who lives or promotes a brand whether that be the brand owner, an employee, a celebrity, a fanboy or an avid everyday user whose experience with the brand was good.

What do brand ambassadors do for businesses?

It doesn’t matter whether a brand ambassador is the company CEO, an endorsed celebrity or an avid user, each one will do all of the below 4 points to empower your brand.

  1. Promote aspirations
    A brand ambassador will give you something to dream of and achieve, and create an emotional desire for something that the brand can fulfil.
  2. Connect with audiences and create communities.
    Whether it’s through mirroring or sharing, they’ll communicate, engage with and connect with potential users to create a communal allegiance for the brand.
  3. Strengthen the brand’s credibility
    By making a strong personal association with the brand they’ll increase its authenticity.
  4. Create referrals
    The use of an ambassador creates news and a trail of information to be passed on whether immediate or long-winded and transforms conversation into a referral point for the brand.

To achieve all of the above, all a brand ambassador needs to do is communicate. Ask questions or answer them, talk to one or talk to many, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re talking about the brand, their job is done.

Who uses brand ambassadors?

Every brand including your brand has one. 

You might not have a celebrity as a brand ambassador but you do have yourself. And if you have at least one repeat customer then you’ve got two brand ambassadors. To make use of a brand ambassador all you have to do is talk about your brand and make sure they do to.

How to get a brand ambassador?

Big wig companies have the budget for big celebrity endorsements but there are many levels of fame, and celebrities come in many price brackets so using a celebrity for endorsement can be achievable for even smaller businesses too.

The business brand leader is usually a marketing wiz so creating and promoting your own personal brand is a great way to become your own brand ambassador.  Invest in your personal brand to boost another.

To create your own set of brand ambassadors use your existing customer base by getting them to review your products/services, provide testimonials and give feedback. Use your fans and followers.

Alternatively, you can create a brand ambassadors by using someone else’s personal brand instead.

With the likes of Instagram and social media, businesses are turning to everyday influencers to become brand ambassadors even if its just for one single post.  The average Jane who’s managed to build a following from showing off her nail designs has become a credible promotional tool to sell nail polish.  She has 3000 followers and whilst that might not sound huge, it’s a solid and affordable marketing opportunity for a nail polish business. The nail polish producer could spend a minimal amount if anything to get not just one brand ambassador but many through an influencer and make a solid return on investment.

Remember, brand ambassadors come in many forms and today they’re better known as fans or followers.  All they need to do is talk about your brand positively to become an ambassador.    

Why use a Brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors create social proof for your brand and communicate regularly.  They’ll reach a targeted audience quicker than you can and they’ll do it when you’re not there to speak for yourself.  They’re like your very own trusted, loyal and enthusiastic salesperson who travels the net to spread your word for you, and the more ambassadors you have the better. 

Want help creating your own brand ambassadors?

If you’re interested in improving your brand communication then let me help.  With my brand strategy session, I provide immersive sector research, a full days consultation and a final brand strategy manual to outline your:

  • Brand Values
  • Brand Mission
  • brand Vision
  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Position
  • Brand Language
  • Brand Audience
  • Brand Users

I’ll deliver a brand strategy to move your business forward with a communication tool that connects with your customers, regulates your marketing activities and guides your business into its own unique space in the marketplace.

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