Has your Web Designer gone missing?

We’re an Essex based web design company providing small businesses with website support and over the last 10 years, we’ve had an abundance of clients who needed website help because their last web designer was unresponsive and went missing.

Being unresponsive is usually the case when a UK web design agency uses a bad offshore team to outsource the work to, and when a web designer goes missing it’s usually because they’re just not interested in your project anymore.

In both cases, there’s a lack of communication from the old web design agency and in the end it just leaves you, the small business owner, in the lurch.  These scenarios can create a lot of different business and website problems but all can be solved with a little help from the likes of ourselves.

How we can solve your website problems!

There’s more than one way to create a website, there’s hundreds, each requiring a different way of being setup and displayed online.  This means that recouping any given website will have its own unique set of circumstances, so the first thing we need to do to fix your website problems is to ascertain what the scale of the problem is and how your website was setup.

Web Design Problems #1 : Investigating the website setup

The first thing we’ll do is investigate your live site (if it is still live).  By looking at both the web design and the hard code through a browser we can ascertain:

  • What type of site is it?
    Brochure website, Vertical Market website, Social website, E-commerce website etc.
  • How it was built?
    Does it use a Content Management System (CMS)? And if so, which one?
  • How it might be hosted and managed?
    Is it a Hosted SAAS solution or an independently installed CMS on a hosting account?
  • Who is the host?
  • What details do we need to login (if any)?
    Do we need CMS, Hosting and domain registrar login details or just one set of details?
  • Whether we can recoup or move the site?
    Can we technically and legally move the site or not?

This initial research will reveal a hierarchy of information, particularly about your options to recouping the site and how we can access the site.  It can also reveal any bad practices taken by the old web design agency.

Web Design Problems #2 : Accessing the website

In order to possibly recoup your website we need to have access to it, and this means access to it on every level but when a web design studio becomes unresponsive or disappears altogether then access is usually a core problem.

Depending on the setup we may need up to three different sets of login details to recoup the website:

1. The website Content Management System (CMS) Login details (if any)
2. The website hosting login details (if any)
3. Any domain registrar login details (if any)

If we can get the hosting login details, the options to recoup the website improve tenfold but if we don’t have those details, we need to investigate further.

Web Design Problems #3: Website Hosting Details

By doing a whois search we can determine who is hosting any given website, who the domain registrar is and who owns the domain name that your website uses to promote itself.   After obtaining this information some customers find that they do have access to login details and we can then look at specific options to recoup a website but sometimes this information reveals bigger problems such as:

  • Your old designer owns your hosting account and not you.
  • Your old designer bought your domain name under their own name and account

This is usually a shocking revelation for customers as it means that the website and domain name may belong to your old web design agency and not you. From here further research would be needed and a new set of options would come into play to figure out how your website can be recovered and what your next best move might be.

Final steps to recovering a website

A website or part of it can usually be recovered in one way or another but without access or permission it makes the job longer, harder and more costly ultimately resulting in a rebuild of the website from scratch.

In this case the question is raised, “Is it actually worth trying to recover the website completely?”.

More often than not, I find that when a web designer or web agency stops responding or disappears, the actual website they created was not a great solution to begin with because the technology used was outdtaed and the end solution is quite sloppy.

In this scenerio we find that most customers are not too bothered about the money that was wasted on the old web design studio that they used.  It was the waste of time and energy used chasing them up that was far more damaging to their business.  That’s why in many cases, customers having these problems opt to abandon their old site altogether and start fresh with us.

Almost every single company who has approached us with website problems stemming from their last web design company has taken our help and managed to get back online and remain with us as a long standing client.

If you’re having problems with your current web designer or web design studio and need a some help or a second opinion then get in touch with us for soem free help and advice.

We’re a design studio based in Essex, UK but serve clients nationally and have worked with a range of difffernet websites and CMS’s. We can help you get access to your site again or deliver a new solution based on your budget.

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