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What you need to know…

You've probably got a ton of questions - lets answer a few...

If you’re working on a start up business then you’ve probably been scouring the internet for costs and service providers for website design and branding. The question’s you’re probably asking yourself are…

How much should I spend on webdesign and branding?
Who can I trust and how do I pick a company to work with?
Do I need to hire two, three or four separate providers to get the job done?
Should I just try and do it all myself?

Heres a little advice from us…

1. Do it yourself if you can

You can create a website and branding for yourself, on your own using online services.

These services are advertised as “easy to use tools” and “you can do it all yourself”. At least that’s what they tell you!

The reality is that if you’re not a professional designer or developer then you’re actually going to need help to “do it all yourself”.

Limitations on what you can actually achieve will soon pop up, and hidden costs will creep in, making the whole thing a lot more expensive and time consuming then you originally thought.

With that in mind, if you have the time, budget and expertise to do it yourself then we’d advise you to go ahead and do it yourself. If not, you’re better off saving time, energy and money by using someone like us instead.

You’ll benefit from:

  1. Bespoke design that enagages your customers
  2. Web development that uses best practices
  3. A website that can meet marketing demands
  4. Less headache and a faster delivery so you can start up quicker
  5. A professional finish to all work
  6. Solid ongoing support

2. How much should you spend on web design and branding?

Search the net and you’ll find web design services from as low as £99 and as high as £100,000. You’ll see logo design from $25.00 upto £25,000. Why such a price difference? You get what you pay for?

That doesn’t mean you need to break teh bank to get a decent website and branding. To figure out how much you should spend, write down a set of requirements and then figure out how much you can actually afford to spend on web design, branding and marketing for your start up venture.

Remember that its an investment that should bring a return, and your budget should cover ongoing costs. Work out how much you can spend on a monthly basis more so then a one off investment.

Once you have requirements and a budget contact us and we’ll provide a package to match. We can provide a full custom quote which starts from £1000.00 per service or you can pick an unlimited design package for just a few hundred pounds. Either way, you win!

3. Theres no need to hire several different providers

Many service providers specialise in one discipline such as web design but not graphic design. They may do marketing but not digital design. They may provide hosting but not actual web development.

This makes getting a new website and branding a much more tiresome and costly job because you need to hire several people to get the overall job done, but with so many different provders involved the end result may get messy.

Conceptstore is a small, full service studio.

We specialise in managing the whole project from concept to completion in-house.

As a result, we can provide you the client with a smooth service without miscommunication that delivers a strong, coherent final result that’s cost effective.

4. Most Importantly: Hire someone you trust!

Many digital and creative studios are fronts for offshore developers or agencies who hand off work to freelancers. As a result they may be cheaper but not that honest.

They’ll tie you into a contract and serve you messily. Work requests will be left unfullied or fulfilled badly and projects are left half finished. In the end your only option will be to end the contract, cut your losses and hire someone else.

How do we know this?

At Conceptstore we’ve built a reputation for rescuing clients when things turned sour with their old providers.

We talk to them about their problems, onboard them, improve their websites, branding and marketing to get their start up, started up.

Because of that clients trust us, stay with us and opt for ongoing support from us.

The question is – How can we support you too!

Small business website design and branding

Our goal is to create you a brand and website that connects you to the right customers and positions you in the marketplace as a unique offering.

Brand strategy Workshop & Consultation

We don’t make guesses about what your brand should be or how it should look and communicate with its customers. We perform a full, 1-2-1, one day consultation to start moulding your brand. We’ll redefine your brands values, services, business model, target audience and competitive advantage – helping you to focus your start-ups offerings, differentiation, and communication strategy so you can take your business idea straight to market with a strong delivery.

startup branding
Brand identity design

To promote your start up successfully online and off you’ll need more than just a logo design – you’ll need a full brand identity system.  It’s your very own visual language to help customers identify your brand as well as identify with your brand, making the sales process much more potent for yoru start up business.        


Website Design & Development

What do you want your website to be? A brochure site? A PR Hub? A directory? A lead generator? Or maybe all of them altogether? Whatever you want, we can advise on it, plan it, design it and develop it to become a specific sales tool for your start up business. Backed by professional design and the latest technology, we’ll deliver a tool that that evolve with your ideas.

startup websites
personal branding marketing support

Creative & marketing support

Now that you have a brand in place, it’s time to start promoting it. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry because we’ll still be here to help. We deliver a strong support service like no other so you can focus on delivering products and services whilst we promote your ideas for you.

The outcomes...

1 .
A full, personal and creative service
Cover all requirements from web to print
A specialist for start ups and small biz
4 .
Experience fast and solid support
A trusted UK provider in Greater London
Improve your start up business idea

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