The Logo Design Brief

Some clients read our logo design brief and ask “Why are you asking me these questions, they’re irrelevant to creating a logo design?”.

When we create a logo design, we don’t just start drawing pretty little pictures and colour them in. For us, a logo needs to mean something. It needs depth, logic and substance because a logo design is:

  • A piece of visual communication for your brand
  • An icon to identify and separate your brand from another
  • A symbol to help build a visual relationship with the public

And to create such an important symbol we need to gather intelligence about your brand so we can develop a bigger picture about who you are, what differentiates you from others, who your customers are and what your own desires are for the logo design.

The best way to capture this information is literally and in your own words, hence why we use a logo design brief and ask very detailed questions about your brand.

In the end, the logo design brief will be used in three ways:

  1. A tool for you to refine your idea and brand
  2. As a tool to communicate your input on the project
  3. A springboard for creative exploration
  4. A document to regulate the project

Our brand and logo design brief adds depth to your brand idea, asking questions that you may never have thought of to mould it into a brand rather than just a pretty little picture with colours. Most people look at our brand and logo design brief, walk away and totally rethink their business idea when answering it.

Give it a go yourself. Download our Brand and Logo Design Brief >>


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