Is your Logo a Vector Logo Design?

Have you ever tried to resize a logo design and noticed how it starts to look blurred or jagged? That’s because the image file that you’re using is a rasterized file and not a vector logo design file. 

A raster file is one which has a defined set of pixels and data to produce an image and when en-largening it, you’re basically stretching those pixels out of size and shape.

Rasterized graphics are great for the production of photos because they produce colour and gradients very well but problems arise when you want to change the size of that graphic. When you change the size of a rasterized graphic you’re not making it bigger or doubling its size in proportion, you’re stretching it.

Think of it as like a rubber-band. Its physical dimensions are set and you stretch it to make it fit. In doing so the rubberband distorts and begins to fray. That’s basically a raster graphic.

This is a big problem when it comes to logo design because:

  1. You need to be able to print a logo at a variety of sizes.
    eg. One size to fit on a pen and one size to fit on a car door.
  2. Your logo is a beacon for your business. It needs to look pristine to build trust

If a logo design is made from raster software (like Adobe PhotoShop) then you’ll end up with a rasterized logo design. When you try to re-size it, it will distort the logo design making it look cheap, unprofessional, blurry and just a mess. That’s why we use vector software to produce our logo designs.

Instead of using a pre-determined set amount of pixels, Vector software (like Adobe Illustrator) uses mathematical equations to produce lines and shapes, so a vector graphic can be re-sized perfectly without distortion. Unlike a rubber-band it doesn’t stretch or fray to fit, it changes its physical size altogether so it does not have to stretch. It grows.

Every now and again we carry out work for a client who had there logo designed before meeting us and in doing so they have a rasterized logo design and not a vector logo design.  

A raster logo design generally looks ugly, is very hard to use and tends to bring down the quality of the branding. 

To solve, we convert their logo to vector format.  In fact, we insist on doing it to ensure that the logo is functional across all media whether it be for print or digital space.

Is it that important to have a vector logo design?

Yes it is.

If you’re pitching for a big contract, you’re going to be using marketing material to do so. A website, a brochure, stationery, social media and a whole host of other collateral.

Your logo design will be featured on all of it and if the logo looks shoddy, then it makes your company look shoddy. It questions whether you’re an amateur or a professional? It might not make you lose a contract but you know what, it might because of the initial impression it gave off. It signifies that you’re not the best from the outset.

If you’re having a logo designed, make sure you’re getting a vectorised Logo Design.  If your logo designer has not offered a vector logo design, can’t produce one or doesn’t even know what a vector logo design is, then its a good idea to find another logo designer instead because the logo design you’ll be left with will only cost you more to reproduce at a later date.

If you already have a logo that’s not vectorised then get in touch and we’ll vectorise it for you. It’ll be worth it!


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