7 Creative Businesses Apps that are worth using – RANDi #12

There are a million apps available to download but when I want to download an app for a specific reason there never seems to be one that does exactly what I want, especially on a mobile phone.

I end up downloading dozens which look like they’ll do the job I need.

I install them, open them, find that they don’t do what I want and end up uninstalling within a minute.

However, once in a while I’ll get lucky and find a great app that does exactly what I want.

Not only that but it actually adds value to my life and business by helping me to stay organised, communicate professionally, be more creative and do business better, so, I thought I would share them with you.

Now, some of these apps might not be ground-breaking and some you may have never heard of but each one is a gem of a tool in my eyes.

Most are mobile based and some crossover to any device. Take a look…

1. Spell Checking on any device

Grammarly Spell checking app
A Free plugin for spell-checking within your browser

MS Word takes care of my spelling in MS Word but I need a spellchecker for everything else I do online including writing web-pages, emails and web-forms within browsers and I found one the other day. 

You may have seen the Grammarly adverts on YouTube with the slightly cheesy and staged feel, and you may have thought “This is a premium tool that comes at a big cost”.

But did you know that it’s a free plugin that works within your browser?

You can use it almost anywhere.

2. A Fantastic Email App

BlueMail Email App
A beautifully designed email app

I use email all day, every day but my requirements are not that big. 

Read, write and send is all I do so the generic email app on my phone served me well until it just stopped working. 

The fix was BlueMail.

BlueMail is a great email app for mobiles and tablets that may well soon be coming to desktops as well.

It’s full of features yet a breeze to use with an intuitive interface.

You can use BlueMail and keep it as simple or organised as you like your emails to be.

3. Organising and securing passwords

Password apps
A choice of great password apps

I have over 300 login credentials to take care of and keeping them secure is of the utmost importance. 

But I also need them to be accessible on all devices as and when I need them.

To do this I manage my passwords with TrueKey, a digital password safe that’s encrypted and accessed with a master password and 2FA security.

It means I can log-in to any account, anywhere, anytime, almost instantly without compromising on security.

A great alternative is also LastPass and DashLine

4. A Fun & Creative App

Adobe Capture App
A fun and fantastc creative tool

This one is a creative design tool and a must have if you use Adobe CC software but even if you don’t, I guarantee you’ll have some fun with it regardless of who you are. 

With Adobe Capture you can create colour palettes from anything your phone camera can see and identify fonts on the fly.  Turn any photo into a brush, shape or pattern, ready to use in an Adobe Project.

It’s great for capturing any type of visual idea.

A must have app to get your creative juices flowing.

5. Block Sales Calls

Should I answer App
Call Screening App

I use to get dozens of phone calls a day from random numbers and before answering I would have to ask myself….”Is this a sales call? Or a sales lead?”

There was only one way to find out…..answer the call.

Unfortunately, I was getting more sales calls than any other type of call and answering them was becoming a huge waste of time and energy.

To solve I used “Should I answer“. (Yes teh website looks incredibly shoddy, but the app is gold!).

It’s an app with a database of telephone numbers that are reviewed by users. It automatically blocks known sales callers based on negative reviews and gives you the opportunity to approve or block any phone numbers coming through that are not in your contact list.

It also warns you of potential sales callers and works as an ever-growing list of sales callers.  

With this app, I now know who’s calling me whether it be an automated sales call, a PPI inquiry or a sales lead.

It seems to be a much better-rated app on Android then it is within the Apple Store so I’ll let you decide whether to download it or not.

6. Keeping Notes

Google Keep
Customised Notes Simplified

Evernote is great for keeping notes but you know what?  I don’t need all the functionality that comes with it. 

I needed something simple that I could organise and keep on my screen at all times and whilst there are a million note apps to download there was one which did everything I wanted it to do. 

That app was Google Keep

Simple yet effective in creating all kinds of notes and reminders, and if you need more functionality try Google Tasks to tie in with your google calendar.

7. A Great News Readers App

News 360 App
A relevant News feed App

Around 5 years ago HTC released a phone where the home screen was a news feed powered by an application called “Blinkfeed”. It was a forward-thinking and amazing feature eventually copied by all other phone manufacturers.

Unfortunately, HTC’s Blinkfeed project was sold off and replaced by another news app which was terrible and since then I’ve been on a quest to find an equally fantastic news reader.

I’ve tried dozens of News Feed Apps from News Republic and Flipboard to LinkedIns Pulse and Googles “Currents”.

Each one was good but none were what I needed.

I wanted a News feed that could sit on my screen, was easy to flick through and easy to read so I could get the latest and relevant news quickly and easily. Most importantly I needed one that would feed me topics that I was actually interested in.

After trying so many apps I found what I needed with News360.

It displays the content you want from sources you never knew existed and displays them beautifully on screen, making it easy to flick through content, save content and read in-app or externally.


That’s my list of 7 unique and useful creative business apps that help me to communicate better and stay connected but there’s also a few more that you might find useful.

Check out Adobe Spark if you want to create some great social media posts, Adobe Scan to make copies of documents without a scanner or Google lens to help you identify anything with your phone camera or a barcode.        

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