Willows Primary School Logo Design and Mural

A few years back Willows C of E Primary School in Warwickshire commissioned me to create a new logo in preparation of a re-brand.

Willows Primary School Logo Design

Luckily enough, I had just redesigned the logo for Elm Park Primary School in Essex who were going through a similar revamp.

This gave me a head up on how to design for Primary Schools, in particular working with headmasters and their assistants.

In any case, Willows Primary School were now making big structural changes to their school building and wanted something different to make the building look more child-friendly and unique so they recommissioned me to create a new primary school mural to go onto the new building.

All schools in general want to encourage and personify ambition but Willows Primary School seem to be the only ones who follow it up actively through design communication.

Our goal was not to just create a school sign or apply the logo design onto the school building but to create a graphic that reinforced the schools brand values and extended their brand identity.

They needed a school sign that spoke to the children as well as the parents.

A school sign that really stood out from the crowd without being outrageous.

It is a primary school after-all so we wanted it to be fun!

Our brief was this wall:

Empty school wall

Our outcome was this design:

Concept artwork for school mural
Final rendition of artwork

And heres the final rendering:

To follow up we created another school sign for the front gate which has now been installed.

School frontgate signage

It’s hard to ignore great design communication and that’s what these graphics represent; A mindset, ambition and the ability to communicate proactively as a Primary School.

It’ll only increase interest in the school and build it up as a leading Primary School in the area.

This was all thanks to the design communication we created for the primary school.

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