3 Reasons NOT to brand your small business

Most business owners won’t invest in creative marketing services for one of three reasons:

  1. We don’t want to spend money on branding
  2. We’ve survived so far without branding, we don’t need it
  3. We’ve tried it, it was a waste of money

I hear these statements a lot and for me, it raises the question….

“Well maybe you’re just not doing it right.”

The truth is that most business owners don’t make an investment into branding because they don’t know what they should get out of it.

It’s not like maths were every question has a set formula to find the answer.

Creative design and marketing is a fluid discipline where you need to gather intelligence and explore ideas to find the right answer.

This scares a lot of business owners and they immediately revert to their one-liners.

If you’re a sceptic, a non-believer in branding, or a non-investor, here’s three practical tips that will help you to look at branding differently and improve your branding without breaking the bank.

1. Make a small investment into branding and graphic design

The discipline of logo design is a process of tweaks and iterations.

Its dozens of tiny steps forward to obtain an optimal result.

An investment into branding for your business is the same.

If you’re sceptical of investing in branding then try doing it step by step.

Start with something small; a letterhead, a banner or even just a business card.

My best advice would be to start with the design of a document that you use the most.

The idea is to start exploring branding, marketing and design to get a visual result that you like as well as a return on your investment.

After doing so you’ll realise that budget is not an obstacle, but a benefit and the more you can spend on redesigning your documents, the more it will pay off back to you.

The above is a great way of dipping your toes in the water with minimal risk on your part.

Be careful though, once you try it, you may get hooked.

More often than not, once a client starts to invest in design and branding, they can’t stop.

The reason being is that the creative part of the job is fun and the work accomplished yields physical results.

Give it a try, you won’t be dissapointed.

2. Branding is a waste of money

Sometimes businesses get caught up in the idea of branding itself and the idea of grandeur or what should and shouldn’t be done to make their branding work.

This is a common problem where the business owners take the lead on the branding, using thei own perspective as justification to what their brand should be, and essentially, they just don’t do it right.

The result is a waste of time and money for you the business owner.

To avoid that, invest your brand and design budget into areas that will benefit your business.

Don’t spend on stationery design if you don’t need it.

If your van serves as a more important marketing tool then invest in branding that instead.

Don’t focus on what design and branding are as a stereotype.

Focus on how it can help your business specifically to solve your problems.

This way you won’t be wasting any money and can truly see the results for your business.

Bad branding, can’t be blamed totally on business owners though.

There are a fair share of bad designers out there who may do a terrible job.

To do it right, invest in more than a logo design or a document design.

Invest in a good designer and a brand identity system to fully brand and market your business.

3. We’ve survived without branding, we don’t need it.

You don’t need brand identity design to start up or even survive in business however we find that people who do invest in it early on share a certain mindset, one set on growth and marketing.

It boils down to how you perceive the benefits of identity design for your business.

The question is not “what can be done without it?”

It’s about “what can be done with it?”

In addition, it’s not about “what you’ll you’ll gain from it?”

An initial investment is about “what you’re losing, without it?”

Identity design and branding opens doors for businesses as oppose to closing them.

If you’ve survived without it then well done.

But what could you gain from investing in your brand identity design?

Bonus tip – Don’t think of it as branding.

Some people are put off by the sheer word “branding” because of the connotations it brings.

A lot of business owners get attached to their branding and think that the term brand or re-brand suggests an overhaul of what they have, scaring them with change.

That’s not always the case.

The best way to look at branding is to look at it as marketing.

Would you or do you invest in marketing your business?

And do you want to market your business in the best way possible?

Theres your answer!

If you’re looking to take a step forward with branding your business, whether it be a big step or small?

Get in touch at conceptstore.co.uk

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